What an awesome comment!

Crap html is crap.

Thank you so much Shaquanna Washington. You prove my point exactly. 🙂

Shaquanna Washington

Really Bradley?

Bacon AKA the name we give a piece of flesh that does not and will not ever belong to us. It belongs to a pig. That of which is wiser, more sociable/loving and aware than your dogs and cats. Yet for some sick reason the meat/dairy industry have convinced us to convince our children that only SOME animals get our love and protection while others we completely disregard and consider “food”. Well all of you ‘bacon’ lovers out there, answer me this: what if that bacon was made out of your dog/cat/ or a human, still rubbing your tummies and frothing at the mouth? I mean, why not? We are OMNIVOROUS aren’t we!? So it wouldn’t matter what the ‘bacon’ is made out of, right ?

Oh, wait, that’s right. Humans are about as prone to eat the flesh of another animal as they are to fly.

So when you stuff your face full of that cancer-causing, carcinogenic filled flesh which is as deadly if not more than cigarettes, don’t go crying when you see the Chinese cutting open dogs and cats. You have no right. You are doing the same thing. You are just as bad.

Oh yah, one more thing,

#GoVegan See more



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