Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: 60% of large wild animal species threatened with extinction

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Wolf pup and mother

“Perhaps the biggest threat for many species is direct hunting driven by a demand for meat, pets, and body parts for traditional medicines and ornaments.” ~ Dr. Elizabeth Bennett, Wildlife Conservation Society’s vice president of species conservation

We need massive transformational change in human consciousness. We are out of balance. Like Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, we have acted like abusive teenagers, grabbing what we want on an increasingly fragile planet. It is urgent that we get real and grow up.

Fast-accelerating extinctions are endangering our human species and we may not survive the mass extinction we are forcing. Our sense of entitlement reflects a psychopathic way of being in this world — psychopathy defined as lack of empathy and remorse.

A July 2016 report in Science Daily, authored by the Wildlife Conservation Society, is headlined: “60% of Large Wild Animal Species…

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Blinders, Barriers, and Bearing Witness


Keri Cronin

This morning around 7am a truck carrying pigs to their death tipped over outside Fearmans Pork Plant in Burlington. Media outlets are reporting that some of the pigs died in the crash and many others were injured. Those pigs who were able to walk were marched in to the slaughterhouse to meet their death.

Activists arrived on the scene soon after the incident occurred, and over the day their numbers grew. Tensions between the workers, the police, and protesters continued to escalate while the squeals of terrified, injured, and dying pigs filled the air. Steve Jenkins from Happily Ever Esther was on site pleading for mercy for the pigs, and offering to take some of them to his sanctuary, but his requests were denied.

I was not in Burlington this morning, but was watching this unfold via social media. My heart was heavy and tears streamed down my face. This was…

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When you eat bacon, you pay for this!

***WARNING INCREDIBLY GRAPHIC AND NSFW*** YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! LAST AND FINAL WARNING.... DO NOT COMPLAIN IN THE COMMENTS WHEN THE WARNING IS CLEARLY THERE! This is just FKed up beyond words. It is evil and disgusting. Bestiality in a sense. Oh wait, it is bestiality. Disgusting. If you eat bacon, then  for the… Continue reading When you eat bacon, you pay for this!