Pokémon Sun and Moon

Anything about Pokémon Sun and Moon goes hereType: Null.

Jangmo-oSeptember 6


Wow. All right. So much news in just one day. This is insane. Some things I’ll point out:

  1. I am not fond of Alolan Raticate. 😥 I think they ruined it.
  2. Type: Null looks badass AF. Can’t wait to find out more about it!
  3. Jangmoo-o is cute! Now, where they came up with that name, I don’t even know lol.
  4. Gladion is really cool. I think he’d be a good antihero-type character.
  5. Could Aether Foundation be evil? Hmm…
  6. UB-01. Oh… my God. What is this weird thing? Could it be from an
    other dimension? Woweee… What have you done, Aether?
  7. I’m now seeing theories floating around about Lilie being connected to UB-01. Holy sh*t.
  8.  LOVE THE SNAP FEATURE! Nostalgia in the gut! :O Thank you!
  9. Wow! Gladion and Lusamine look alike! It’s scary. Just look at them. In fact, you can add the fact that Lilie looks like them too. Green eyes, blonde hair. Coincidence? I think not.

File:Sun Moon Gladion.pngFile:Sun Moon Lusamine.pngFile:Sun Moon Lillie.png