Vegan Memes *LOAD WARNING*

Various vegan memes I have found.

WARNING: Some of these may upset certain people. Viewer discretion is advised.

Doesn’t include sea life(?)

Animals kill for food - humans kill simply because we can & that's not right! Please rethink your food choices - we don't need to kill for our food.:

GELATIN not so sweet: when the label says that a product contains gelatin ... ~ courtesy vegan street #vegan:

I love this:

Vegetarianism Facts....poor Animals ....but they taste so yummy. Besides, didn't God put animals on Earth for us to eat?:
HOLY F**K no words for this.

#vegan #animalrights #speciesism #empathy #compassion #govegan:

Community Post: 15 Facts That Will Make You Consider Going Vegan:

please think about it; stop financing animal cruelty, ditch dairy #vegan:

Fact 002.Farmed fish swim around in their own feces. [Eat up!]

Fact 003.

Fact 004.
This is an animal with an intelligence of a three-year old child. Yet they’re treated like trash.

Fact 005.
Brb let me go vomit now. Nasty.

Fact 006.
They are macerated in a machine similar to a wood chipper, or they are gassed or suffocated in plastic bags, throw  away like trash.

Fact 007.


Fact 009.
Many females will be pregnant while being slaughtered. Urp.

Fact 010.


Fact 011.
Fourth most intelligent animal in the world. Again, treated like trash.

Fact 012.

Fact 013.
Here’s your free-range!

Fact 014.

Fact 015.

Make The Connection:

Environmental footprint of vegan and vegetarian diets 30% lower than non-vegetarian diets, say researchers: ‘We have to drastically cut consumption of meat and dairy'. Source: Climate Action (

Page of Shame

i'm bombarded with pro-killing animal meat crap each & every day... and they use my tax $$$ via "Big Ag" subsidies to do it too.:

Since this is probably most people, I do believe with the spread of information, the future of our food industry and in turn our dear animal friends, much like many massive mistakes by humans, will be very different (:: Don't buy the "free-range" and "humane" myths. Know the truth, act on the truth, and the truth will set you and many others free.  : vegan: The Life of A Cow (Infographic) | .: Every time you drink a glass of milk or eat a piece of cheese, you harm a mother.: CUZ YOU CAN'T, CUZ YOU GUILTY AF 😏 (MIC DROP)🎙#currentmood: #EndSpeciesism #GoVegan: 😥 animal rights: If only more people would open their eyes to animal abuse, cruelty and testing, we would live in a very different world.: vegetarian: #vegan: