Here, I’ll put up a number of rants.

    1. Seems like every time I watch TV, a GD commercial for Purdue comes on. You can ro in hell for all I care. No place in heaven for animal abusers like you! Find a new company! Can’t wait until Supermeat is out. Hope ya’ll go out of business! 😀
    2. Plant rights activists. What is a fireman more likely to save? An azalea or a cat? You be the judge. 😉 Also, meat-eaters eat so much for plants than vegans.
    3. Not enough vegans here in Oklahoma. I’m ashamed I have to live here. HATE HATE HATE it here!
    4. How I feel about this planet. But if we can’t even take care of our own planet, why should we colonise Mars? Makes no sense. ARGHHHH! Think NASA, THINK!
    5. I live near a place called the butcher bbq stand, chicken shack (lovingly call this place “sh*tken shack”) and the boundary. All within 10 miles of where I live.
    6. Tired of the joe’s crab shack bullsh*t… “crabs are for pots, not pets”. Just… f**k you. 😐 We are now learning that crabs and other crustaceans suffer pain just like other animals.
    7. People that justify the slaughter, rape, mutilation and torture of 50,000,000,000+ (that’s billion fyi) land animals and 1,000,000,000,000+ (that’s trillion) sea life by using the Bible or religion. Excuse me? What loving God would justify this? I’m sorry but I’d never believe in a god like that. Not sure what god you’re worshiping. Please open a Bible and read Genesis 1:29-31 and Exodus 20:13. I believe there is no room in Heaven for psychopathic murders or animals.
    8. “Bacon tho” bullsh**. Your “bacon” has the intelligence of a three-year old child. So, thank you very much for eating a toddler. Fourth most intelligent animal. Treated like trash.
    9. People that watch Earthlings and continue to eat animal products. This I have no words for. Enjoy karma when it comes.
    10. “Canines” shizz. Stfu. Your canines are nothing compared to a lion, wolf or bear. Hippos, camels and gorillas have canines too. They’re much MUCH larger/longer than yours are. You try eating meat without spices or cooking. [Come back to me when you get sick, so I can document it, all right? ;)]Human Teeth Look like Horse & Cow's Teeth
    11. People that think that slaughter, rape, torture and mutilation of animals is funny. Just like pedophilia, child molestation, rape, torture, slavery, etc. aren’t funny. It’s not cool. Just stop. Please. (However, if sarcasm isn’t present, then I have no problem with this. I love to troll carnists when they say “mm bacon”; I say “mm cat” or “mm dog”.)